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Marine Engineering Department
Chief Surveyor and Marine Engineer, Maharashtra Maritime Board is the Head of Department of Marine Engineering and Survey Section. This department undertakes Maintenance, Repairs and Operation of Floating Crafts. Currently, Maharashtra Maritime Board has 1 Dredger, 2 Barges, 1 Tug, 1 Mooring launch, 3 Survey Launches and 6 Speed Boats.

The Marine Engineering Department looks after designing & acquisition of marine crafts, development of dredging units, and execution of dredging activities. Department also undertakes acquisition and maintenance of navigational aids such as Buoys, Light Buoys, Beacons, Navigational Lights and Storm Warning Signals etc.

At present MMB has 47 Light-houses at various ports, 29 Navigational Buoys in navigational channels and 37 Storm warning signals to assist the fishermen, passenger traffic and commercial ships at various ports. Under Inland Vessel Act 1917, this department conducts surveys, inspections and certification of vessels. It also conducts examinations for granting Certificates of Competency as 1st Class Master, 2nd Class Master, Serang, Engineer, 1st Class Engine Driver and 2nd Class Engine Driver, after the applicants secure requisite I.V. service for appearing these examinations.
Survey under Inland Vessel Act, 1917

Survey of Inland Vessels is conducted by the Chief Surveyor and Marine Engineer of the MMB. Inspection of I.V.s plying in inland waterways is carried out for checking their performance and suitability i.e. sea-keeping aspects in sheltered waters.

On payment of government prescribed fees by an applicant, MMB Surveyor boards a vessel for a reasonable time to inspect the vessel’s structure, machinery, equipments and appliances viz. life saving appliances, fire fighting equipments and navigational aids, underwater hull inspection reports, and certificates of Master and Engine Driver. Surveyor also conducts enquiry in case of an accident.

The approved (by a Naval Architect) drawings and plans of the craft, which is under construction and intending to ply in inland waterways, throughout all its construction stages and final reports of trial of the vessel for seaworthiness, inclining experiment for stability, are to be sent for inspection by the MMB Surveyor.

If the surveyor is fully satisfied as to all the requirements having been complied with, and defects on the vessel, if any, is rectified to his full satisfaction, then he issues a declaration of survey to the applicant and also issues temporary certificate of survey.

The applicant on receipt of  the declaration of  survey delivers the papers (all copies of Life Saving Equipments, Fire Fighting Appliances and Master’s & Driver’s certificates along with the declaration ) to the O/o Chief Surveyor and Marine Engineer and takes the delivery of  Certificate of Survey within 7 days. Unless specifically requested by the applicant, Certificate of Survey is not transmitted by post.

Model I.V Rules Prepared by I.W.A.I (Inland waterways Authority Of India) for information and suggestions
Rules of Inland Vessels
Form No.1 - Form for expressing the intention to build a new inland vessel
Form No.2 - Application for Survey of Inland Vessel
Form No.3 - Particulars to be furnished for Survey of New Vessel
Form No.4 - Appointment of Date and Time of Survey of Inland Vessels
Form No.5 - Intimation of Defects /Deficiencies observed during the Survey of Inland Vessels
Form No.6 - Declaration of Survey
Form No.7 - Notice Regarding Certificate of Survey
Form No.8 - Application for Certificate of Survey
Form No.9 - Certificate of Survey – Category A Vessels
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